The design pattern will make your life easy even in the microservice development. There are number of design patterns exist to design the microservices. Some of them are,

✔Aggregator pattern,

✔Circuit Breaker pattern,

✔Proxy pattern,

✔API Gateway,


✔Chain of Responsibility and so on.

In this article we are going…

Before taking a decision on applicability of microservices with your organization, you need to carefully think what we have now and where would we should go. In order to make that decision Software Architect has to play a major role in decision making process.

Monolithic Applications

  • Monolithic applications in the sense, it…

The collection framework consists with the collection of objects. These objects allow to perform searching, sorting, insertion, deletion and manipulation. The collection framework consumes classes and interfaces itself.

Classes: Array List, Linked List, Vector, Priority Queue and etc.

Interfaces: Set, List, Que, Deque

By using the java collection framework, we…

Javascript is a light-weighted language which is easy to implement and has minimum features. So, this scripting language is mostly used with the client-side web development. Such as to generate the user interacted pop-up windows, message alerts and etc.

Javascript is based on ECMA (European Computer Manufacturer’s Association) which makes…

The memento design pattern is used when we need to do roll back or undo or revert the changes in our applications. Because, sometimes we may need to go back to the previous state of the object to save the changes.

The memento pattern is fallen under behavioral design pattern…

Chain of Responsibility (CoR) pattern belongs to the behavioral pattern. As it’s name, the CoR pattern merged with its below and above internode in order to provide it intended outcomes even in the programming world.

In this pattern,

  • We have loosely connected components with each other (That means the sender…

Builder design pattern also helps to create objects when we have different constructors with various parameters. The creation of separate constructors for different cases may consume additional memory and time for execution.

Suppose that we have a class called Computer with different properties and some of them are mandatory while…

Sanduni Jayaweera

Associate Software Engineer at Virtusa.

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