Do We Really Want to Move on Microservices❓

Monolithic Applications

  • Monolithic applications in the sense, it has one executable file for entire application.
  • The most IT systems used to have monolithic architecture with their systems before emerging microservice applications or architecture.
  • But, monolithic application itself consume some drawbacks as well. Let’s discuss them one by one in below.
  • But there are benefits as well.
  • The services in microservice architecture have their own scope.
  • The services in microservice architecture should run their own processes.
  • The services in microservice architecture can communicate with the light-weighted protocols.
  • Decentralized control.
  • High scalability and easy to deploy.
  • Should be able to maintain within small people group.
  • As you can see, an application should be capable of to deploy as X-axis.
  • Through Z-axis, it should be able to shading. For an instance, decompose the large databases into small chunks or shards to deploy across multiple servers.
  • Through Y-axis, the application should be facilitated with functionality decomposition.
  • As well, each services should be able to individually scalable.

How to Create a Microservice Architecture-Based Application

  • Easy to understand and diagnose the problems.
  • Scalability.
  • Easy to migrate in to different languages.
  • Distributed complexity.
  • Hard to monitor and test.
  • Need to ensure always each and every service is contributing to run the application.

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