Evolution until Container-Based Web Application (Introduction to Docker)

The First Generation of Web Application Development

The Problems

  • Maintenance cost,
  • Have to consider different operating systems,
  • Wastage (Because, we might not use entire capacity of server).

The Second Generation of Web Application Development (Hypervisors)

The Problems

  • We have to still maintain the multiple operating systems. Then, it will take the licensing costs, regular patching and keep recent upgrades.
  • Maintenance of VM ware again costs the time.

The Third Generation of Web Application Development (Containers) 😃


🚄Docker Engine

  • Around the docker engine, all the registries, orchestration processes and security concerns are built.
  • That means, docker engine can be treated as a core of docker.

🚄 Registry

  • This is the place where we can store the docker images.
  • What we can do with the docker images?
  • Your organization can have both public and private registry repositories to deal with the docker images. If it is private registry anyone can pull your registry. But granted people can commit on your repository.
  • The process of getting all the core modules, services and containers to hit for a common goal.
  • It defines about the containers, where it goes, what it does and its dependencies and so on.
  • Kubernet has become the largest cloud platform which initiate the orchestration process with containers.
  • This is the mutual agreement between the Docker Inc and some leaders in container-based application industry.
  • They specify about the specifications, governance and Open Container Standards for the container-based development.

Development of Container-Less Applications 👏

  1. Web containers can have more than one applications. So, if you need to configure or update or restart one of those applications, then others should need to go offline which s not really good.
  2. When we use same configurations in different ways in our applications, then it will be hard to maintain them.
  3. When we deploy our container applications on the cloud, there is no way to restart them.

What area the differences among Web Server, Web Container and Application Server?

Stay Safe !!!



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Sanduni Jayaweera

Sanduni Jayaweera

Associate Software Engineer at Virtusa.