Java Collection Framework

Iterable Interface

Collection Interface

List Interface

Array List

  • Array has fixed size length while the size of Array List is dynamic.
  • Array used to represent via [] while Array List represent via different methods.
  • Array is faster than using the Array List since it has fixed size length.
  • In Arrays we use for loop for iteration purpose while Array List has a method called iterator() to iterate elements.

Linked List

  • Array List is dynamic array while Linked List is a doubly linked list.
  • Array List is slower than the Linked List since it need to shift the elements when we try to add or remove the elements.
  • Array is used for storing or accessing while Linked List useful for manipulating data.





Array Dequeue

Priority Queue


Hashed Set

Linked Hash Set

  • The default constructor: LinkedHashSet()
  • Constructor with the element of collection: LinkedHashSet(Collection c)
  • Constructor with the size of linked hash set: LinkedHashSet(int size)
  • Constructor with capacity+load capacity: LinkedHashSet(int size, float load_capacity)

Sorted Set

Tree Set

  • The default constructor: TreeSet()
  • Constructor with the element of collection: TreeSet (Collection<? extends E >c)
  • Constructor with empty set which is sorted according to the constructor in future: (Comparator<? super E >Comparator)
  • Constructor with the sorted elements: TreeSet(SortedSet<E> s)

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Associate Software Engineer at Virtusa.

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Sanduni Jayaweera

Sanduni Jayaweera

Associate Software Engineer at Virtusa.

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