Security Awareness

  • Integrity: Protect data from unauthorized alterations and modifications,
  • Availability: Ensure sensitive data is exists whenever authorized party needs to access it.
  • Use numbers as well letters with both upper and lower cases.
  • Use symbolic characters like @, !, $, % and so on.
  1. Use master password to get into your password manager. As much as we secure our master password, anyone will not b able to access our password which is created by password manager.
  2. Follow the best practices to choose the master password.
  3. Use multiple words (at least 5–10 words depends on your security) in your password which are not related to you (like your birthday, your relative names, your pet’s name and so on),
  4. Try to choose words which are not related to each other (ex: Mountain greedy form Truncate Issue),
  5. Use spaces between the words (Then you will not have any meaningful word even by merging them),
  6. Use numbers and character between different letters,
  7. Use words something does not exists,
  8. Use words with misspelled letters (Uropian instead of European
  • Do encryption or hashing with your data(Salting).
  • Advanced Encryption Standard (AES),
  • Cipher Block Chain (CBC).
  • Diffie Hellman Algorithm,
  • Digital Signature Algorithm.


In hashing, we use a mathematical algorithm to get a hashed values from our plain text. Hash values are fixed size bit values representation. Through the hash functions hash values can be generated. The hashed values can not decrypt. That means once you encrypt your data with hash values, you can not convert it back to the original values. Hashing ensures that your data or file has not been altered. The hashing algorithm provide the fixed length outputs. Hashing Algorithms are:

  • MD5
  • SHA-1,SHA-256, SHA-512


Salting is used to prevent our system passwords from the brute force attacks. In the brute force attack is attacker trying every possibilities to get the numbers, symbols, letters combinations of a password. What it does here is it added some strange characters with our passwords or any other confidential information prior to hashing process.



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